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Vigorelle® is applied to your genital area, specifically the underside of the clitoral hood. This allows the active ingredients to directly stimulate the tissue surfaces. Blood flow and dilation of the blood vessels increase around the clitoris, greatly enhancing your sensitivity. Though response time varies with each individual woman, the pleasurable warming effects develop more rapidly with the sexual stimulation of touching and rubbing in the clitoral area, and with other activities of foreplay. Natural lubrication also takes place as you respond to the beautiful feeling of Vigorelle® Crème.<br><br>Vigorelle reportedly works by increasing blood flow to the clitoris and vaginal hood to increase sensations, enhance warmth and wetness, and increase libido.
<br>Some of the ingredients in Vigorelle, such as L-Arginine, have been proven to aid in increasing sensations and blood flow.
<br>The gel is marketed as an “instant arousal cream,” meaning it’s intended to work on the first use.<br>By providing a tingling and warming effect, it may help a woman increase her sexual desire and be more ready for sex.<br></p>

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