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Healthy Family

Healthy Families America is a national evidence-based program that aims to promote the health of pregnant women and their babies, improve birth outcomes, strengthen parent-child bonding, and create a healthy environment for the entire family by providing intensive home visiting services to families in Bond County.   

HFA is always free of charge—and always completely voluntary.

Families who enroll in HFA receive the support they need based on their specific circumstances.

We help parents develop and achieve goals related to what is most important to them, whether it’s school, work, housing, childcare, health, relationships, or other life skills.


The mission of Healthy Families America (HFA) is to promote child well-being and prevent the abuse and neglect of our nation’s children through home visiting services.


Impact on Parents in the Healthy Families America program

Healthy Families America has been proven to have a significant impact on parents and families. A parent’s personal resources—including knowledge, skills, and attitudes toward parenting—impact their relationship with their baby. Healthy Families America helps parents develop their personal resources to improve family functioning, strengthen the parent-child relationship, promote child well-being, and prevent adverse childhood experiences.

What we Provide?

What Services Does HFA Provide?

Family Support Specialists provide the following services:

  • Education during pregnancy and early years of parenting
  • Information about the growth and development of baby
  • Support for parents to bond with their baby
  • Help to create a safe and caring home for the family
  • Assistance with community resources