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Prairie Counseling Center

If problems in your life are building up, relationships difficult or feelings of sadness are affecting your life, there is help available at Prairie Counseling Center (PCC). 

PCC also offers a range of addiction treatment services for adolescents and adults.  We are aware that seeking assistance and treatment for yourself or talking to someone about a loved one’s problem with alcohol or drugs can be difficult. 

PCC is a community behavioral health clinic providing mental health and substance abuse services in Bond and surrounding counties. 

Remember you do not have to through it alone.  We are here to help.  

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Prairie Counseling Center and the Bond County Health Department are dedicated to providing consumer-driven services. To this end, persons receiving services will provide the primary direction in shaping their services and formulating their plan of service or support.

  1. The plan of service or support for persons receiving services shall be developed through a person-centered planning process. 
  2. The plan is to be based on the expressed needs and desires of the persons served and their abilities, capabilities and the supports necessary to reach their goals.
  3. Services and supports are to be provided in environments that promote maximum independence, community inclusion and quality of life.
  4. Families shall be valued members of the support team.
  5. The process will fully explore the individual’s and family’s desires with respect to life style decisions, and hopes and dreams for the future.
  6. The process will encourage, support and enable choice, control, independence and integration. 
  7. The process will consider issues and concerns about the person’s health, welfare and safety.


Counseling Center


The PCC mission is to provide family oriented behavioral health services that promote awareness and wellness in the community and to help ensure that persons served remain in the community while feeling safe, healthy, and productive.

Persons served, families, and significant others will feel a sense of ownership and empowerment regarding treatment via their involvement in the treatment planning and implementation process.

Service delivery will involve practices that reduce the various stigmas associated with consumers of public behavioral health systems.


The first step in the service delivery process is for PCC staff to conduct a brief clinical interview at the time of the initial request for services and then to schedule a comprehensive assessment. The assessment will help determine treatment goals, an appropriate and effective treatment plan, and the assignment of a compatible therapist. Additionally, consumers will identify other individuals and providers that they want involved in the treatment and recovery process.

The therapeutic process is primarily designed by the therapist and consumer regarding the frequency and duration of sessions. Additionally, consumers will be made aware of their rights and appeal processes throughout the course of treatment.

Services are typically terminated when treatment goals have been satisfactorily accomplished and the consumer and therapist are in agreement that discharge would be appropriate.

Consumers will be introduced to satisfaction surveys throughout the course of services and also immediately upon termination of services. Consumer feedback is a key component for PCC to provide effective and relevant services.


PCC services are confidential and private. We will not identify a person as a consumer and/or release information about a consumer without written and informed consent from the consumer, life-threatening circumstances may be an exception.

PCC services are delivered with the aim that consumers will “flow through” services

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