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Instant Knockout Cut is one of the better fat burners on the market for 2023 as it’s largely based on 3 of the most effective over-the-counter ingredients. Unlike many other fat burners that rely heavily on pseudoscience for a hard sell, Instant Knockout is pretty uncomplicated.

There’s not much mystery or magic to it, the key ingredients are caffeine and glucomannan. Caffeine has been shown to reduce appetite for 4 hours after consumption, stimulate more movement and more intense workouts (thus burning more calories), and of course, combat the lethargy that typically accompanies dieting (which often leads people to unconsciously use fewer calories). It does also slightly raise your metabolism, but “thermogenesis”, as it’s often called, only really makes a small difference even with the best thermogenic ingredients—less than 100 calories a day. It’s a nice bonus, but the major advantage comes from eating less and moving more. Of course, you could just take any budget caffeine pill for that.

Glucomannan is less well known, but it also works quite simply too, it swells up to 50X its size in the stomach, and the dose in Instant Knockout swells to about the size of a bagel. If you take it about 30 mins before making food it’s been shown to be at its most effective for weight loss which again, isn’t too surprising, if you’re less hungry when you start cooking, you make less and feel more full. Again easy to understand. Glucomannan also has functionally 0 calories as it’s made from a dietary fiber that’s not absorbable by the body (your gut bacteria do actually like it though, which is a plus). 

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