Daily Covid Numbers

2/26/21 update              6 new cases–2 day total (Thurs-Fri)                          ***1 of these cases is from GU             2,063  total cases to date             21 deaths total                  44,286 total tests             Ages pos : <1-98                       Ages tested: <1 – 106

Daily Covid Numbers:

          2/24/21 update              12 new cases–2 day total (Tues-Wed)              2,057  total cases to date             21 deaths total                  43,408 total tests             Ages pos : <1-98                       Ages tested: <1 – 106

Daily Covid Numbers

          2/22/21 update  6 new cases–3 day total (Fri-Mon)  2,045  total cases to date       21 deaths total            40,948 total tests       Ages pos : <1-98                  Ages tested: <1 – 106


The Bond County Health Department will be closed February 16th, due to the winter weather conditions. Please use the emergency number(s) you have been provided if you have an urgent need.

Board of Health Nov. 2020 Meeting Minutes

BOND COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH Minutes Via Zoom Meeting November 23, 2020 Those in attendance: Members:       T. Dawdy                                Others:           S. Eifert, Administrator                         W. Ahern                                                        S. Hediger, Administrative Assistant                         K. Plage                                                          M. Zeeb, Director of Finance                         A. Oestreich                                                    S. Stilt, Greenville Advocate                         M. Bleyer                                                        Dr. DuComb, Clinton County            […]

Daily Covid-19 Numbers

          2/10/21 update              22 new cases today (for Tues & Wed)              1,994  total cases to date             21 deaths total                  38,137 total tests             Ages pos : <1-98                       Ages tested: <1 – 106

Bond County Daily Covid Numbers:

          2/8/21 update              6 new cases today for past 3 days             1,972  total cases to date             21 deaths total                  37,308 total tests             Ages pos : <1-98                       Ages tested: <1 – 106 Vaccine:    308 doses were administered on Saturday 2/6/21, 30 are scheduled today, and 50 second […]

Covid Testing Update Week of Feb. 8th:

Rapid testing will NOT be offered on Wednesday Feb. 10th due to cold/implement weather. If you have questions about rapid testing please contact the BCHD at 618-664-1442. However, IDPH will be holding PCR testing on Sunday Feb. 14th and Tuesday Feb. 16th from 8-4 at the Bond County Fairgrounds. This is NOT a rapid test.

Bond County Covid-19 Daily Numbers

2/5/21 Update 10 new cases Thurs/Fri: 4 cases from Greenville University 1,966 total cases to date 21 deaths total 37,135 total tests given Ages pos: <1-98 Agest tested: <1-106 Vaccine: 300 doses scheduled on Saturday

Vaccine Update:

Bond County is administering COVID-19 vaccinations to residents several times each week as supply allows. The number of vaccines administered changes daily and can be viewed, along with other vaccine information at the following site: https://www.dph.illinois.gov/covid19/vaccinedata?county=Bond The health department is providing regular vaccine clinics both onsite and offsite. Persons wishing to be vaccinated can register […]