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Bond County Health Dept

June 2019 Board Meeting Minutes



Minutes of Meeting

June 17, 2019

Those physically in attendance:

Members:       T. Dawdy                                Others:           S. Eifert, Administrator

                        W. Ahern                                                        S. Hediger, Administrative Assistant

                        A. Oestreich                                                    M. Marti, Director of Finance

                        H. Elmore                                                       

                        M. Bleyer                                                       

                        R. Nehrt

                        J. Kirkham

                        M. McCullough

                        T. Hall

                        D. Korte

Members Absent:

                        D. Lippert

T. Dawdy called the meeting to order at 6:31 p.m.

Minutes of May 20, 2019

T. Dawdy asked for a motion to accept the minutes with corrections.  J. Kirkham moved to accept the May 20, 2019 minutes with corrections. A. Oestreich seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Administrator’s Report

S. Eifert stated we completed the measles clinic and only used 14 vaccines.  We will keep the vaccines in stock and continue to use as needed.  We partnered with HSHS for the back to school clinic which will be held the last two Wednesdays of July.  Our corrective action plan for CARF has been submitted.  The Tobacco grant changed this year.  We asked businesses to pledge to follow the Smoke-free Illinois Act.  We have a surprise party scheduled for Cindy Burge at 2:00 PM tomorrow to celebrate her working at the health department for 40 years.  Dr. Mueller has opted out of his contract in the Dental Clinic, as he has purchased an additional practice.   

Approval of May Activity Reports

S. Eifert stated the current census for Home Health is 73 and 7 Hospice.  The census is good and continues to stay that way.  S. Eifert stated he will be in Normal next week for the Emergency Preparedness Summit.  T. Dawdy asked for a motion to approve the June 2019 activity reports.  M. McCullough moved to approve the June 2019 activity reports as submitted.  D. Korte seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. 

Approval of May Financial Reports

This was a difficult month.  It was a three payroll month in addition to one RN in Home Health & Hospice on maternity leave and one RN off for a death and prearranged vacation.  The initial assessments take 1-2 hours with 1-4 hours paperwork.  They have never turned away a referral.  Amy Davis has been helping cover visits as well.  Mental Health billing has improved since last year.  Expect June numbers to be down as we have to spend the grants out.  The current cash balance as of May 31, 2019 is $610,515.06.  T. Dawdy asked for a motion to approve the May Financial Reports.  W. Ahern moved to approve the May financial reports as submitted.   M. Bleyer seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Old Business

Finance Committee Minutes

Motion was made to approve the minutes with corrections. 

New Business

Board Member Appointments

The county board has renewed an additional 3 year terms for Tom Dawdy M.D., Diane Lippert R. Ph., and has also appointed Karla Plage R. Ph. as a new board member.

Executive Session

J. Kirkham made a motion to move into executive session at 7:39 p.m. for the purpose of personnel matters. D. Korte seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

M. Bleyer made a motion to return to regular session at 7:58 p.m. J. Kirkham seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the board of health is scheduled for June 17 at 6:30 p.m.


M. Bleyer made a motion to adjourn the meeting. W. Ahern seconded the motion which passed unanimously.           

T. Hall, D.O.

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