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Bond County Health Dept

A letter from Bond County Board of Health Chairman, Dr. Dawdy, to the citizens of Bond County:


To My Fellow Citizens of Bond County

Please be aware the Executive Orders of the Governor remain in place and the Illinois Department of Public Health and Bond County Board of Health support those principles.   I do not know what the legal, licensure, or liability consequences of defying those orders will be now or down the road.  While I recognize that legal issues are important, I believe urgent community health situations are of greater immediate concern.  I do know the potential health and wellbeing of our citizens is being threatened, and that is what I would like to address with you.   To business owners and employees, I do understand the situation you are in.  The local health department is grateful to you and the vast majority of people who choose to care for and protect each other.  I know you are sacrificing to do that, and I have great respect and admiration for those who have chosen to try and keep us all alive and well.  This pandemic is not close to being over, and Bond County may not have seen the worst of it yet.   The national death toll will probably hit 70,000 today or tomorrow, and there is every indication that figure will grow much higher.    We are talking about lives and other, still unknown, after effects of COVID-19 infection.   I urge all citizens to comply with social distancing and mask wearing.  Creating risks that are likely to harm ourselves and others will only prolong this nightmare.   Individuals cannot reasonably declare themselves invincible or immune to the consequences of COVID-19.

Overall, the people Bond Co have done a good job, and I appeal to you to keep that up and do the right thing.  I believe responsible people will long remember those who chose to be protectors and literally save lives.  I hope you will hold to the moral and ethical high ground, and do your best to keep others safe.  I believe when businesses do so, they will build loyalty and respect from current and future customers.  I personally, as well as from a public health viewpoint, appeal to you and others to stand for the caring and protection of all of us together.  I believe our county has the kind of people who want to do that.  I believe you will not regret a decision to support the current recommendations of health care leaders in our state and country in this crisis.   Ask yourself what decisions you can feel proud of, and that those around you will respect, from here on out.  I know this is hard.   I urge you to be the heroes and true patriots who, working together, will lead us all through this valley. 

Thomas D. Dawdy, M.D.

Chairman, Bond County Board of Health

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