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Bond County Health Dept

For Immediate Release First Case 03-28


Bond County Health Department, along with the Illinois Department of Public Health has identified the first confirmed positive case of COVID-19 within Bond County. The patient is a female in her 30’s who is a resident of Bond County. She has not had any international travel and is only reporting mild symptoms at this time.

She is currently on voluntary quarantine at home and is extremely cooperative. All of her close contacts have been identified, isolated, and are being monitored by the Bond County Health Department staff.

Health Department Administrator Sean Eifert stated, “It is important to remember that we as a community have been following all the recommended guidance, including social distancing, frequent handwashing, staying at home when possible and overall assuming there are people living in our community with this virus. We need to continue this to minimize the risk of transmission.”

Any community members who feel they have been exposed or who experience mild symptoms such as cough, fever and other respiratory symptoms should isolate at home and monitor their symptoms. Testing is not advised for persons with mild symptoms who are not hospitalized, not a healthcare or EMS worker with symptoms, or are not in a congregate setting. If symptoms become serious, persons are advised to contact their primary care physician by phone for further instructions.

Additional guidance can be found at cdc.gov or dph.illinois.gov.

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